My name is Gareth,
I currently live in Cwmfelinfach, South Wales.
I was born in 1972 and grew up a half a mile from here in a place called Ynysddu.

As a childĀ I have always been fascinated by photography and cameras, and decided to buy a Canon 1000D SLR camera to give this photography a shot!

My very first experience of my own photography was the Carol Nash Motorbike show in 2009 at the Birmingham NEC.
I’m pretty sure I spent most of the show shooting in Full auto Mode, as I didn’t have a clue how to change all the settings and found it incredibly confusing.

Now I have my own SLR camera, I appreciate how much work goes into a ‘Good Picture’ and how hard it is to create ‘A Great Picture’
I am always looking for that unusual angle, that something different that make my pictures stand out from others.

I don’t claim to be an amazing photographer, or even a good photographer.

I do it because I Love it!